SPSS Video Manual

Multimedia training e-manual contains detailed information on statistical procedures including what they are and when to use them.

  • Contains both text and 30 step-by-step video tutorials
  • No internet connection needed
  • Appropriate for All Skill Levels from Beginner to Advanced
  • Works on PC, MAC, and iPads
  • Ships on a 1GB flash drive
  • Free + shipping

SPSS Video Manual Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to SPSS
1 Introduction to SPSS

Chapter 2: Entering Data Into SPSS
2a Input Data Manually
2b Importing a Text File
2c Importing an Excel File

Chapter 3: Data Transformations
3a Recode and Compute Variables
3b Convert String to Numeric Variables
3c Compute Z Scores

Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics
4 Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 5: Charts and Graphs
5a Histogram
5b Scatterplot
5c Boxplot
5d Barcharts

Chapter 6: Tests for Comparing Groups
6a One Sample T-Test
6b Independent Samples T-Test
6c Dependent Samples T-Test
6d One-way ANOVA
6e Factorial ANOVA
6f Repeater Measures ANOVA
6g Mixed Design ANOVA

Chapter 7: Tests for Examining Relationships
7a Bivariate Correlation
7b Partial Correlation
7c Multiple Regression
7d Binomial Logistic Regression

Chapter 8: Non-Parametric Tests
8a Chi-square Test for Goodness of Fit
8b Chi-square Test for Independence
8c Mann Whitney Test
8d Kruskall Wallis Test
8e Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
8f Spearman Rank Order Correlation
8g Friedman's ANOVA


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