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Features of the Live Consultation Service

Sessions are conducted live via phone and or/web

Communication options include phone, web conference, or Skype. The chosen option depends on your location in the world, the purpose of the session, and your personal preference.

SPSS demonstrations are performed using screen sharing

Screen sharing allows for a more dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Sessions are audio and video recorded for you to review later

After the live session is completed, you can download a recording of the session to review what was covered again. This allows you to use the recording as your own custom video tutorial.

You have a choice of a 30 minute or 60 minute session.

Different session lengths accommodate questions of various types and complexity.


Sample Problems and Questions that can be Addressed During a Live Session:

  • Help with performing statistical tests
  • Help with interpreting statistical results
  • Help with selecting the correct statistical test(s)
  • Get help with SPSS homework
  • Ask questions about statistics
  • Ask questions about SPSS (ex. How do I... in SPSS)
  • Help with calculating statistical power
  • Help with formulating research questions and hypothesis
  • How to convert research questions to variables
  • Help with enter your data into SPSS
  • And much more...

Here Is How It Works

1) Select the duration of the consultation session

2)  Schedule the 1-on-1 session

3) Submit payment

4) After you schedule the 1-on-1 session, you will then submit the documents and files we will use during the session to [email protected]

Student Love Us

Our SPSSVideoTutor Facebook fan page has over 200 hundred testimonials. These were people just like you who were anxious about taking a graduate statistics class. Anxious because, probably like you, they had not taken a statistics course in years and remembered very little if anything from their previous statistics class. This makes things even worse because your graduate statistics class assumes that you already have a good foundation in statistics. However, for student who used the SPSSVideoTutuor tutoring service, it didn’t matter whether they took statistics 20 weeks ago or 20 years ago, they still passed the course with minimal stress. Here is what some of them had to say:

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