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The Problem With Current SPSS Books and Videos

I'm Jacob Mays, founder of, an online SPSS training resource for students, instructors, and professionals. Over the years, I've heard many complaints about the SPSS training books and videos that members of my web site have used. Students often complain about how confusing SPSS books are, particularly students taking online courses who don't have the benefit of a live instructor. Instead, these students are asked to learn SPSS on their own by following the often confusing instructions and screen shots of their SPSS books. These SPSS books can be very difficult for students who don't know or haven't taken statistics in several years. Even professors lament to me about the poor quality of some of the SPSS books. Additionally, many of my members live in countries where broadband access is either not widely available and/or very expensive. So, watching videos on the internet isn't a viable option for them. So, I began to look for a solution.

I searched through many SPSS books and online video tutorials, looking for something I could recommend to my members, but I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I needed something that provided the portability and detailed explanations of an SPSS book, but also the step-by-step visual guide of video tutorials. The SPSS books I found were very detailed, but many were confusing to non-statisticians and only a few had quality SPSS screen shots.

The videos I found were inconsistent in quality and limited in detail. They never included a detailed description of the tests, nor did they include interpretation of the SPSS output. I needed something that had the benefits of both an SPSS book and SPSS video tutorials. So, I decided to do something that had never been done before. I created an SPSS manual that contained both text and video. I call it the SPSS Video Manual.

What Is The SPSS Video Manual And How Is It Different

With the SPSS Video Manual, you will be able to master the most common statistical procedures in SPSS quickly and easily without the need of an internet connection. This means you will be able to complete your analysis more quickly and have a better understanding of your results. Having a better understanding of your results means that you can more easily convey the impact of your analysis to others, which helps you be more successful at work or in school.

Features and Benefits

SPSS Video Manual Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to SPSS
1 Introduction to SPSS

Chapter 2: Entering Data Into SPSS
2a Input Data Manually
2b Importing a Text File
2c Importing an Excel File

Chapter 3: Data Transformations
3a Recode and Compute Variables
3b Convert String to Numeric Variables
3c Compute Z Scores

Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics
4 Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 5: Charts and Graphs
5a Histogram
5b Scatterplot
5c Boxplot
5d Barcharts

Chapter 6: Tests for Comparing Groups
6a One Sample T-Test
6b Independent Samples T-Test
6c Dependent Samples T-Test
6d One-way ANOVA
6e Factorial ANOVA
6f Repeater Measures ANOVA
6g Mixed Design ANOVA

Chapter 7: Tests for Examining Relationships
7a Bivariate Correlation
7b Partial Correlation
7c Multiple Regression
7d Binomial Logistic Regression

Chapter 8: Non-Parametric Tests
8a Chi-square Test for Goodness of Fit
8b Chi-square Test for Independence
8c Mann Whitney Test
8d Kruskall Wallis Test
8e Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
8f Spearman Rank Order Correlation
8g Friedman's ANOVA


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Hundreds of students and professionals have benefited from the text descriptions and SPSS video tutorials inside the SPSS Video Manual. There are over 200 testimonials on our SPSSVideoTutor facebook fan page at These testimonials are from students who received top grades in their statistics class after initially feeling they were going to fail. They are also from professionals who used the videos inside the SPSS Video Manual to gain or enhance their SPSS skills. Even professors have raved about the benefits of the SPSS videos tutorials inside the Video Manual.

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